Clara Shows Off Her Fitness for “SURE FIT” Photo Shoot

Actress Clara posed for a photo shoot that will be featured in the October issue of style magazine “SURE FIT.” In the photo shoot, Clara struck various poses showing off her fitness. Clara showed off her long, lean body and flat abs. Fans will also see Clara’s innocent side with her fresh, bare face. 

In other news, Clara had a supporting role in SBS drama “Goddess of Marriage” and acted alongside a star-studded cast including Nam Sang Mi, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Sang Woo, Lee Tae Ran, Jo Min Soo, Jang Young Nam, Kim Jung Tae, Kwon He Hyo, and Jang Hyun Sung. The drama “Goddess of Marriage” follows the stories of four women who struggle with the issues that arise after marrying their partners. Clara plays the role of announcer Cynthia Jung who seduces fellow announcer No Seung Su. No Seung Su is married to Kwon Eun Hee (played by Jang Young Nam) and, unable to resist the temptation of a young hot woman, cruelly asks for a divorce from Kwon Eun Hee and abandons their son. He conveniently forgets Kwon Eun Hee’s support of him before he got his big break in the news industry and her dedication to making a happy home for their family. In a twist of karma, Cynthia Jung then callously casts the husband out of her life when the affair threatens her career.