Kim Heechul Becomes a Webtoon Writer

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul has added “webtoon cartoonist” to his already diverse resume. 

A webtoon is a comic or a cartoon that is shared through the internet, hence the name web(car)toon. It is a popular pastime for Koreans who want something to entertaining to read on their cellphones. 

Kim Heechul’s webtoon is titled “Zzinpang Family” and the main character is based on himself. His beloved cat, Heebum, has also turned into a cartoon character. The singer worked with “fashionista” webtoon cartoonist keean84.

On September 26, Kim Heechul announced his new webtoon on various websites including SM TOWN‘s official homepage, ZZINPANG’s official Facebook, HOTTRACKS webtoon page, and Kyobo Books webtoon page. “ZZINPANG Family” will be updated every Thursday at noon for eight weeks and is already getting much attention on the internet.

Meanwhile, Heechul’s first comeback talk show appearance on JTBC “War of Words” was aired on September 26.