Seo In Young Praises G-Dragon’s Fashion Sense, Picks Him As Best-Dressed Idol

Singer Seo In Young, who’s also known for her keen fashion sense, recently left praises for Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

On September 30, she appeared on YTN’s “Ho Joon Suk’s News” where the anchor asked her opinion on current hot topic G-Dragon and his fashion sense. “I think he wears clothes the best out of all male and female idols.”

She continued, “First, G-Dragon tries many different styles. I’ve also tried many different styles, but have received a lot of spiteful remarks. Maybe it’s because he’s a male idol, but he received relatively less curse words. He seems to be very capable of expressing himself naturally wearing clothes that works well on stage as well.”

Meanwhile, Seo In Young will make her comeback with “Please Love Me” on October 4 and has anticipated fans with several teasers.

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