Monthly Underrated K-Pop New Music Releases – September

For the month of September we have many great new releases between August 27 through September 30.

Hidden OST genius, Su Hyeok, who sang the ending theme song for the movie “Holly” starring Girls’ Day Minah, releases his first single “Speak.”The title song “Speak” was written by rapper PK Heman and is a mellow ballad track. The two rappers and producer that make up the trio Vincent shares their debut song “Ghost Girl.” It is an indie fused with hip hop track that sounds great in their acoustic version of the song. On the other hand, Blue Story’s track “Baobab,” with vocals by Lee Hae Moon, is just an absolutely breathtaking piece of music. It is fast paced yet soothing to the heart.

Illy J returned this month with a new single. Compared to his previous track “Stained” released in July, Illy J shows more colors of his music with an electronica track “Sad Electro.” It expresses a sad dreamlike feel followed by the pumping sensation. “Sad Electro” has a perfect balance of sick beats and rap as well.

Enchanted Night is a global project rock band that consists of vocalist Hwi, bassist Jin, guitarist Depp, and drummer Sen. Hwi was a previous member of D.Caprio, an R&B group that debuted in 2007 but has since disappeared from the music scene. Depp and Sen were featured in Super Star K’s Jung Joon Young’s music video “Spotless Mind.” Their title track “Dear Teruteru,” released in both Korean and Japanese, is inspired by the Japanese doll “teru teru bozu” that Japanese people hang outside their windows wishing to prevent rain. The song, however, puts a twist to the original meaning in a new perspective that what the overcast might really wish is rain. The uplifting, modern rock song is about the hope that we can overcome our harsh realities and rise from them.

Please tune in next month for more underrated music. If you missed last month’s releases you can check it out here. Also, if you are interested in one of these artists and would love more information about them you can make a request via comment, Soompi Facebook or Twitter and a profile of any underrated artist will be posted up in the Kpop forum section by yours truly. Some artists may not have any available information (i.e. profiles, videos, pictures, etc.), therefore not all requests can be fulfilled.

Soshimhan Boys -사랑한다고 말해 (August 27) (Indie)

Lady Owl – Go Back (August 28) (R&B)

Ran –바람이 불어오는 한강에 나와 앉아 (August 28) (Ballad)

Raspberry Field – A Summer In Raspberry Field Part.2 시간여행자 (August 28) (Indie)

Sol -내가 더 사랑한 (August 29) (Ballad)


Seo Moon Tak –태양을 삼킨 달 (August 28) (Rock)

Song G – Damn I Miss You (August 28) (Hip Hop)

Vincent – 도깨비소녀 (August 28) (Hip Hop)

Linus’ Blanket – Parade (August 29) (Indie)

The Vale – Not Me (Cubisto Remix) (August 29) (Electronica)

Achtung – Record (August 30) (Indie)

Cho Seo Yeon (Julie Cho) – Blow (August 30) (Folk)

Evening – Sorry (August 30) (Ballad)

In Kwang – Oh!Oh!Oh! (August 30) (Ballad)

Minje – Melt (feat Vasco) (August 30) (Hip Hop)

Plan. W –이미 늦어버린걸까 (vocal Jong Hyuk of Soul Breeze) (August 30) (Indie)

Yong Bin – Succubus (August 30) (Ballad)

Blue Story – Baobab (September 2) (Ballad)

Su Hyeok – Speak (September 2) (Ballad)

21GRM – 달콤한 안녕 (September 3) (Ballad/Hip Hop)

Every Single Day – 구름다리 (September 3) (Indie Rock)

Be Sweet – 너의 컴퓨터 속 야구 동영상 (September 4) (Indie)

Han Soa – Tears In My Eyes (September 4) (Ballad)

Illy J – Sad Electro (September 4) (Ballad/Electronica) Nissi – 검은 나비의 목소리 (September 4) (Indie) Ten Yard – Forever With You & Goodbye (September 4) (Ballad) Isaac R. Rey – Healing Me Softly (September 5) (R&B Ballad/Indie) Navi – I Ain’t Going Home Tonight (September 5) (R&B Ballad) Sean Lee – U (September 5) ( Ballad)

PICHS -그땐 몰랐었지 (September 6) (Indie/Rock) Postmen – At The Crossing (September 6) (Ballad) Song Rapper – That Girl (Feat. LOCO & Cry Baby) (September 6) (Hip Hop) Why Me –못 생겨서 (September 6) (R&B/Soul) Enchanted Night – Dear Teruteru (September 9) (Rock) HyEnD – Black & White (September 9) (R&B/Soul/Hip Hop) Shin Cho-i, Go! Dandy Boys – By Your Side (September 10) (Rock) Dalee – What Was That (September 11) (Indie) Miffung – 우리 엄마 (September 11) (Ballad) Earip – 이 밤, 우리들의 긴 여행이 시작되었네 (September 12) (Indie) Akira – Akira (September 13) (Hip Hop) J2M – 딱 본 순간 feat. JQ (September 13) (Ballad) UniBlend –두근두근 (September 13) (Indie/Folk) K.eddie – Gloomy Night (September 16) (Hip Hop) Les Trois X Kim Tae Geuk – Island (September 16) (R&B/Soul) Taibian –누가 말려 feat Soulman (September 17) (R&B/Hip Hop) EQuality – Choice (September 23) (Hip Hop) G.Night – G.Night (September 24) (R&B/Soul/Hip Hop) Hoody – My Ride (September 24) (R&B/Hip Hop) Lady Owl – Just Laugh (September 24) (R&B/Soul) Mayson the Soul – Bus Stop (September 24) (R&B/Soul) Chiva Sound – Beautiful Day (September 25) (Indie Rock) RAUN – Not Remembering (September 25) (Rock) 1sagain – Recall (September 27) (R&B/Hip Hop) MUSHRU:MS – One Game Wonder (September 27) (Indie Rock) EQuality – Monster (September 30) (Hip Hop)

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