Actor Joo Won Sings “Love Medicine” for “Good Doctor” OST (MV)

Avid fans of actor Joo Won‘s work will be thrilled to know that he recently contributed solo track “Love Medicine” to the soundtrack of his current drama, “Good Doctor.” The actor actually began his career trajectory in musicals, and then decided to make his foray into the acting world. He shot to stardom after making his acting debut in “King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu” back in 2010. From his portrayal of dark, childish, and vengeful characters, Joo Won has gone on to tackle tougher roles like that of an autistic savant pediatric surgical resident in “Good Doctor.” 

Not only has Joo Won managed to showcase his talent for transforming into diverse characters in just these past couple of years, but also successfully captivate us with his believable and touching portrayals of each character he has played. 

You can enjoy Joo Won’s spectacular vocals in the subtitled music video for “Love Medicine” here!