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We reported recently that Joo Won was going to be leaving KBS’s veteran Sunday variety show, ‘1 Night, 2 Days.” We’ve now got some addition reports regarding the show with KBS clarifying that Joo Won will not be replaced and the show will continue on as a party of 6. However there will be some changes to the staffing line up with an exclusive report published by “Star Today” revealing that we will be seeing the return of a similar face to the “1 Night, 2 Day” staffing line up.


First off, the lead producer for the KBS Variety Show division, Park Joong Min EP (Executive Producer) has revealed in a phone call with news media outlet “Star News” that “We are planning on continuing the show as a party of 6 after Joo Won leaves” and that “We will not be adding in an additional member.” Regarding this decision, Park Joong Min EP explains that “Up till now ‘1 Night, 2 Days’ has not brought in a new member after a member has left” and that “The team work amongst the current members is currently at its peak and when we take this into consideration we predict that adding in a new member might, on the contrary, cause issues as they rebuild their team work again. Hence we won’t be bringing in a new member.”

However while they may not be adding a new member, it does appear that they are planning to once again revamp their staffing line up for the 3rd time this season. While this in itself is certainly interesting, the new producer they’ve convinced to take the helm of “1 Night, 2 Day” will surely cause some excited murmurings amongst fans.


In an exclusive report released by news media outlet “Star Today,” it has come to light that the next producer in line to try and revive the flagging show will be none other than Yoo Ho Jin PD. Name alone might not sound familiar but if you’re a fan of the show and have watched “1 Night, 2 Day Season 1” then you will definitely recognise who this is. For a short refresher, Yoo Ho Jin PD was the “rookie PD” during Season 1 of “1 Night, 2 Day” and is widely known as the PD that got fooled by Kang Ho Dong and Kim C during a hidden camera segment. 

A worker from the KBS Variety Show division explains that “The KBS Variety Show Division saw a range of sweeping changes coinciding with the Autumn program reorganizations. A part of those changes appears to be a change in the Main PD for “1 Night, 2 Days.” They continued to explain that “Yoo Ho Jin PD, who became famous for being extremely fooled in a hidden camera corner 6 years organised by Kang Ho Dong, Kim C and the original members, is currently the PD that is being mentioned as being the most likely to take the Main PD job (For the show).” 


They also explained that “Along with Joo Won leaving the show and the show reaching a turning point, if Yoo PD is confirmed to be joining the show then it does appear like he will inject some fresh life into the show.” The worker however notes that “There was a lot of discussions regarding a change to the production team for “1 Night, 2 Days” as part of the Autumn Program Organizations. Yoo Ho Jin PD is pretty much confirmed to be joining the show but there is still detailed discussions remaining.”

He also praised Yoo Ho Jin PD saying that “whether it’s his exception abilities since joining the company or his personality, Yoo Ho Jin PD is someone that is praised by everyone.” He continued on by saying “He is already acquainted with most of the core members and he has the experience so if he is confirmed to be joining the show then we look forward to seeing good results.”

After leaving “1 Night, 2 Day Season 1,” Yoo Ho Jin PD has been responsible for co-producing “Music Bank” before moving on to producing the talk show “Win Win” and “Moonlight Prince.” He is currently the producer for the sports variety show “Our Neighbourhood Sports And Variety Stars” or as KBS World would like us to call it “Cool Kiz On The Block” with the “Z.” 

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