Luna and Kim Hae Sook Look Close in Recent Selca

f(x)’s Luna has recently showed off her impressive personal connections by taking friendly photos with actress Kim Hae Sook, who is starring in the movie ”Tough as Iron.”

Luna wrote on her Me2day, “The movie ‘Tough as Iron’♥ Went to see it with my friends and family thanks to Kim Hae Sook’s invitation. A mentor who is always taking such good care of me. Thank you so much. After seeing the movie, I decided that I will treat my parents even better. Everyone, please watch ‘Tough as Iron’ and be good to your parents~♥♥”

In the first photo, Luna is looking lovable by smiling brightly at the camera, while Kim Hae Sook flaunts her cute side by pouting her lips next to the singer. 

The second photo shows their close relationship, as the two are flashing their beautiful (and strikingly similar!) smiles at the camera. Luna has placed her arm behind the actress’ neck while Kim Hae Sook is hugging the singer around the waist, confirming their warm mentor-mentee relationship.