Who Is the Chinese Actress Involved in the Scandal with JYJ's Jaejoong?

Who is rookie Chinese actress Ruo Yi Wang, who is currently involved in a scandal with JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong? Many netizens are wondering as rumors of the two celebrities dating have surfaced.

During her vacation to Korea in August, Ruo Yi Wang visited Kim Jaejoong’s home and took a picture, which she uploaded to her SNS account. This immediately captured the attention of the JYJ fans.

The photo shows Ruo Yi Wang next to a life-size gorilla doll and a black horse doll, which fans have noticed to be the same as the ones in Kim Jaejoong’s home.

ruo yi wang

About her photo at Kim Jaejoong’s home, she posted, “I didn’t know a single photo taken from when I was in Korea in August would cause this big of a problem. Many fans have requested that I delete the photo but I thought erasing it would cause a greater misunderstanding,” and “I wasn’t the only one who visited Jaejoong’s house but other people were there too so I don’t know why I’m the only one who is being mentioned.”

Ruo Yi Wang is a rookie actress, who was not well-known before this incident. She was also previously brought under the limelight for snapping a photo with the popular actor, Sik Siu Lung.

This brought upon negative reactions from fans, who accused her of using Sik Siu Lung to boost up her own fame. Her photo at Kim Jaejoong’s home is also receiving similar reactions. Some netizens went as far as to say she is involved in a love triangle with Sik Siu Lung and Kim Jaejoong.

Ruo Yi Wang posted an explanation after these incidents by saying, “Sik Siu Lung was my friend, who I was close to three years ago but now, we don’t even contact each other.”

Ruo Yi Wang is a 25-year-old actress, who was a student of a famous acting academy that produced the likes of Zhang Ziyi and Tang Wei. She was recruited on the road by a photographer in Beijing in 2009. She was active as a model and gradually stepped into her acting career. Some of her filmography works include “Color Me Love,” and “Wish Me Happy Birthday.”

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