SHINee’s Minho Makes You Swoon in Comeback Teasers

Minho is next up to mesmerize fans with image teasers for SHINee’s near comeback. Taemin, Onew, and Key previously released their new images in teaser 1 and teaser 2 and teaser 3.

On October 3, SM Entertainment released a couple photos of the athletic member through their official website and other social networking accounts.

In both photos, Minho charismatically stares off to his left while holding his hat so fans can drool over his nicely shaped jawline. His deep red jacket and tie immediately captures the eyes in the first photo while the second goes for the timeless black and white style.

The title track of the album will be “Everybody,” and is described as having a funky rhythm and catchy melody. It is of the complextro genre, and the lyrics will about the awakening of everyone’s inner child.

Meanwhile, SHINee will drop its fifth studio album “Everybody” on October 14.

minho 1 minho 2