Dal Shabet’s Subin Receiving Attention for Latest MV Appearance

Dal Shabet’s maknae is drawing the attention of the public with her appearance in Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun’s music video “Driving Road” featuring rapper Palo Alto. The song was unveiled on September 29 and the public response is hot. It is the second project from music publishing organization Clef Company under “Clef Project 2/4.”

Through Dal Shabet, Subin showed off her confident and sexy image with latest track“ “Be Ambitious.” However, she completely transformed herself and portrayed the feelings of a cute and lovable young female. Some of the comments left by netizens were along the lines of “It’s great to finally see Subin acting like a maknae and showing the charms of a young female.”

Clef Company also worked on Dal Shabet’s previous tracks “Summer Break” and “Let It Go.” When Subin heard that the company was working on a new song, she wanted to help out and actively sought a way to do just that. It was reported that she was proactive at the music video filming site.