Block B Receives a Support Message from Cho PD

It’s great to see that Block B and Cho PD are supporting each other!

After a year-long break from the music scene, Block B held their press conference on October 3 at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium. 

During the conference, leader Zico was asked to reveal the nature of the situation between the group and their former agency. 

He answered, ”Our relationship with Stardom Entertainment and Cho PD is currently very good. It was simply the difference in our views that made us choose to go separate ways.”

Zico then proved the two are in good terms by saying, ”Yesterday we even received a support message from Cho PD. We are now just cheering each other on.”

Block B recently came back with a new mini album, and the boys have certainly not lost the strong hip hop sound that they are known for.

The group performed its comeback stage through MNet’s “M! Countdown” on October 3.