G-Dragon’s LP Pre-order Completely Sold Out in One Day

All 8,888 pre-order copies of G-Dragon’s limited edition second album, ‘Coup d’État,’ were sold out in a day.

G-Dragon’s second full studio album has taken the offline music market by storm, even in the midst of a slump in the music industry. In addition to his sold-out limited edition LP, four of the songs on his new album placed first on music programs. He has validated yet again his position as a power player in the music industry.

Fans were particularly excited about the chance to listen to G-Dragon’s music in analog audio, especially with his recent limited edition LP. Moreover, all 8,888 (8 being G-Dragon’s favorite number) copies of the limited edition album will have songs numbered personally by G-Dragon himself, which further increased the fans’ anticipation.

The pre-order record will come with various items matching the ‘Coup d’État’ concept, such as a badge, a mask, a hand-written-style lyric book, etc. Also included in the pre-order are images from G-Dragon’s exhibition, ‘G-Dragon Space 8,’ and never-before-seen footage from the ‘Coup d’État’ music video.

G-Dragon’s regular ‘Coup d’État’ LP will be released on October 18.