Representative of Victim Speaks Out Against Cha No Ah

Professional gamer Cha No Ah, also known as the son of actor Cha Seung Won, was charged for smoking marijuana and for the sexual assault of a minor. The representative for the victim of the latter charges claimed, “We were contacted asking to agree on a settlement.”

On October 2 broadcast of “SBS Midnight TV Entertainment,Park Eui Soo, the director of the law office representing the victim, stated in an interview, “The day after we filed the complaint (against Cha No Ah), we received a call from Cha Seung Won’s manager asking to agree on a settlement.”

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In addition, Park Eui Soo stated, “From the perspective of a parent who has a daughter, I said, ‘How would we agree to settle right after we filed a complaint,’ and afterwards they have not contacted us.”

On the same broadcast, Cha No Ah’s lawyer stated,” We cannot reveal anything.”