SHINee Releases Lyric Video for “Symptom” from Upcoming Mini Album “Everybody”

Contemporary band SHINee released the lyric video for their upcoming track “Symptom” through the official SMTOWN YouTube channel.

“Symptom” is one of the songs from the group’s new mini album, “Everybody.” The song was produced by producing team The Underdogs who has previously worked with Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake. This is not the first time the producing team has worked with SHINee. The Underdogs also produced SHINee’s “Juliet,” “Spoiler,” and “Selene 6.23.”

A representative of SM Entertainment explained what a lyric video was, “A ‘lyric video’ is a music video that focuses on the lyrics and shows the lyrics through animated typography.”

In preparation for their comeback the group had been releasing individual and group teaser photos. SHINee will reveal their new tracks through their “SHINee Comeback Special” at the “Gangnam Hallyu Festival” on October 6.