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October 3 marked the end of the SBS drama “Master’s Sun after three months of filming.

Before the filming was over, So Ji Sub had gifted the entire staff with shoes that he had prepared himself.  Hot on the heels of shooting his last scene, he personally sought out all the members of the staff to thank them for their hard work.  With his bright smile, he warmed the hearts of everyone on the cast and crew.

“Bittersweet is exactly right,” So Ji Sub said.  “There isn’t a single work that isn’t hard, but I think that the great memories are what give me the strength to continue acting.” 

Upon wrapping up the last scene, he said, “While it was tough shooting the drama, I’m so thankful for having been able to work with the best production team and the best actors, and I had a great time.”

While filming this romantic comedy, So Ji Sub explained that he became really immersed in his character, and that it still hasn’t hit him that the drama is over.  He said the character of “Master” really lingers, and he still has yet to step out of Joo Joong Won’s character.

“Master’s Sun” was So Ji Sub’s first romantic comedy.  He confessed that he really put a lot of effort into this transformation. “I couldn’t help but be worried about how well I could do, or how others would receive it. I really considered a lot of different things and did my research.  Everything from my hand movements to my walk was carefully and deliberately planned acting.  I think this work really allowed me to grow to another level as an actor.”

He continued to explain that he ended up genuinely surprised at himself, and that he didn’t realize he had this sort of comical side.

Finally, he thanked the viewers for taking in his transformation with positive anticipation rather than apprehension.  “I really hope the viewers don’t forget Joo Joong Won too quickly, and I sincerely thank everyone who loved and supported this character.”

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