SHINee Releases Highlight Medley Video for Fifth Mini Album “Everybody”

In preparation for the release of their upcoming fifth mini album, “Everybody,” SHINee released a highlight medley video through the official SMTOWN YouTube channel.

Similar to the lyric video for “Symptom,” the medley video uses typography visuals of the lyrics of the songs featured. The video starts off with “Symptom” and ends with the title track “Everybody.” The highlight medley video gives us a preview of what the the mini album will sound like, and it sounds like there will be plenty of head bopping tunes worthy of the SHINee style, along with a cool R&B piece that will shake the hearts of the fans.

In preparation for their comeback the group had been releasing individual and group teaser photos. SHINee will reveal their new tracks through their “SHINee Comeback Special” at the “Gangnam Hallyu Festival” on October 6.