G-Dragon Is Set to Release Another MV, Finishes Filming for “Who You?”

On October 5, G-Dragon posted a picture on Instagram announcing that he finished shooting the music video for his song, “Who You?”: “The end!  Thanks for your hard work, everyone!  ‘Who You,’ coming soon!” “Who You?” is a track off G-Dragon’s latest album “Coup d’etat.”

The photo shows G-Dragon on the set of the music video with a wide, almost childlike grin, and a peace sign thrown high, signaling the happy end of shooting. 

There was a lot of interest from fans at the news of this new music video, which he shot at the Korea International Exhibit Center (KINTEX).  Around 1000 fans came to the center for the video shoot, and footage shot by fans will be included in the new “Who You?” music video.  

The release date for the “Who You?” music video has not yet been decided.

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