Singer Moon Hee Jun Compares Ex-Girlfriend To a Ghost

On the MBC program “Quiz to Change the World” that was aired on October 5, singer Moon Hee Jun talked about whether it was right or not to reveal about past loves to current girlfriends or boyfriends.

The singer said, “In the past, when a girlfriend would ask me which celebrities I had dated, I was kind of forced to tell. When we would watch TV together and that certain celebrity would appear, I would get goose bumps and it felt like I was seeing a ghost.”

He continued, “Whenever an ex-girlfriend of mine would be on TV, I wouldn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to talk about it, and so I would like leave the room. Then, my current girlfriend would ask me if I was still not over her. She would also ask if I was still in love with my ex when I just stayed and watched her on TV. Anyways, if a past girlfriend appears on TV, there is no doubt we will fight. So I think it’s better to hide the past.”

Upon hearing this, 4Minute member Gayoon, one of the many guests at the show, asked, “But what if your current girlfriend finds out about your past girlfriend not through you, but through other staff members?” to which Moon Hee Jun jokingly replied, “That would be the cue to cry.”