KARA's Nicole Addresses Her Fans About Her Contract Ending Without Renewal

On October 6, KARA member Nicole revealed her thoughts on Twitter about her contract terminating without renewal with her entertainment agency, DSP Media

Nicole began with the apology to fans, “To my precious Kamilia, I made you worry with news about my contract renewal and departure from the group…I am sorry to have caused you any pain. I was also surprised and taken aback when I read articles speculating about getting replaced in the group due to the failure to renew my contract while preparing to go on tour in Japan with the rest of the KARA members. However, I still wanted to make my feelings and thoughts on the matter known so I decided to write this letter.” 

She continued, “The most important thing is that…I started out as a KARA member and I plan on finishing up as a KARA member. It was confusing and difficult reading articles speculating about getting replaced in KARA due to the failure to renew my contract with my agency along with published interviews given by agency representatives. I consider a contract renewal with DSP not as solely as part of KARA, but as a solo artist. Although I’m not signed on as a solo artist, I think a solution can be found so that I can still be a member of KARA while pursuing solo activities.”

She added, “I am just one person. I doubt that KARA as a group will be broken up just because of one member. I think it would be disadvantageous to pursue contracts both as a solo artist and as a member of KARA. I still have many goals I would like to achieve. While giving it my all with KARA’s promotional activities, I want to set aside time to reinvent myself. In order to that, I would need to put in a lot of time and effort. Because I wanted to invest in my future, I decided not to renew my contract with DSP.” 

“KARA has received so much love from Kamilia and I want to continue showing you all a better self, but as this issue continues to grow bigger- it wounds you all and it pains me as well. While hearing about the news regarding my contract renewal, departure from the group, and replacement in the group- it hurt me as well…I don’t think KARA is a group that belongs to just one person. As a KARA member, that is how much responsibility I feel I have” she said.

“However, if the rest of you and the parties involved in this matter believe that it would be impossible to be part of both, I will return to being Nicole Jung, the individual. Without renewing my contract with my agency, I will promise to continue being a part of KARA. I love KARA right now and always will; I am always happy while performing as a part of KARA…KARA as a group means so much to me. Please continue to love us and root for us. Thank you all so much…”

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