Standing EGG Releases MV for New Soothing Single “Once Again” Featuring Han So Hyun

The acoustic band Standing EGG has released a new MV for their soothing and relaxing single “Once Again (feat. Han So Hyun).” Listen as Han So Hyun from 3rd Quest melts our hearts with her angelic voice. The single comes from their just released third album “SHINE,” which refers to how their music lightens up the mood of the listeners. The new album should surprise fans, as it brings different elements and sounds not seen in previous albums. Although they still retain their signature acoustic style, Standing EGG incorporates elements that are found in British pop into their new album. The resulting sound does not seem awkward and forced together, but rather a smooth and natural progression of their style. “SHINE” can be viewed as Standing EGG’s evolution into a more refined music band.

Standing Egg will perform four concerts on the “SHINE tour” in December: Pusan-December 1, Seoul-December 14, Daejeon-December 20, and Daegu- December 28.

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