“Tough as Iron” Staff Surprise Yoo Ah In With Birthday Cake

The director and cast of “Tough as Iron” recently threw a surprise birthday party for actor Yoo Ah In, who turned 27 on October 6. 

The actor is currently promoting his movie “Tough as Iron” and was surprised with a cake and a small party between the staff and cast while in the city of Daegu. 

Around 300 staff and cast members sang happy birthday for the star and made him blow out the candles to his beautiful cake. 

Yoo Ah In thanked them saying, “To have this many people take care of me on my birthday – I am truly grateful. My hometown is in Daegu, and I’ve been touring to promote for our movie. I will always remember this moment as one of the most meaningful memories I’ve had while filming and promoting this movie. Please give our movie a lot of love and spread the good word about it!” 

In the photo, Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Sook, Kim Sung Mo, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Si Uhn, Kim Seo Kyung, and director Ahn Kwon Tae smile brightly with Yoo Ah In’s cake.