Chun Jung Myung’s “Bad Hands” Draws Public’s Attention

On October 6, an upcoming movie “Queen of the Night” shared an unrevealed photo in which Chun Jung Myung and Han Bo Reum enjoy clubbing.

In the picture, Chun Jung Myung and Han Bo Reum dance sexily, especially the way Chun Jung Myung holds Han Bo Reum’s waist with his “bad hands” (as opposed to “manner hands”). This feels totally different from the previously revealed photo in which he looked like a timid guy so it is drawing the public’s attention.

Previously, Han Bo Reum was cast in “Master’s Sun” as Cha Hee Joo who is So Ji Sub (Joo Joong Won)’s first love. This time, she acts the part of Jang Mi, who plays an important role in solving the series of mysteries in the movie.

“Queen of the Night” is scheduled to be released on October 17. Did the photo below make you want to go see the movie?

chun jung myung and han bo reum