IU Achieves All-Kill Status, Can She Regain Her “Nation’s Little Sister” Title?

Female soloist IU just made her comeback to the music scene and has since topped nine online music charts since the morning of October 8.

She released her third studio album “Modern Times” earlier today at midnight and the title track “Red Shoes” has jumped straight to the top of the charts.

“Red Shoes” is composed by Lee Min Soo and written by Kim Lee Na. The song is inspired by the children’s story “The Red Shoes.” If one wears the red shoes, he or she will automatically start dancing beyond his or her control.

Not only the title track, but six songs, which is more than half of the album, entered the top ten slots on various online music charts. The album is full of various tracks like swing jazz, bossa nova, and funk, showing her matured image through her time away from the spotlight.

Meanwhile, IU will hold her first comeback performance on October 10 through “M! Countdown.”