Baek Ji Young Shares Her Thoughts on Retirement Plans

On the October 7 episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” singer Baek Ji Young talked about retirement.  “I don’t think of retirement as a sad thing.  I am so thankful for even being able to plan a retirement.”   

She continued, “I am going to have a child, and I will need to spend some time just as a mother.  I want to concentrate on my child and family, eventually release one more quality album, then retire.  It’s not going to happen anytime soon.  I’m preparing for a retirement in the distant future.”

She commented that she was really moved while watching Patti Kim’s still-powerful performances.  While her retirement is still far away, she wants to hold off on her activities as a singer until after she has spent time with her family.  She said that she doesn’t think of retirement as a permanent end to her singing career.  She added, “I’ve also had thoughts about whether I will be able to even stand not singing.”

During this episode, she also revealed her thoughts about the rumors of her and her husband’s separation, her pregnancy, as well as the malicious comments netizens made about her miscarriage.

baek ji young healing camp