Busker Busker's Kim Hyung Tae Apologizes for Inappropriate Comment During Concert

A Busker Busker member has made yet another apology this week — this time, it’s bassist Kim Hyung Tae. He apologized for his reference to the film “Eun Gyo” during a concert.

On October, 3, Busker Busker held a concert in Busan for their nationwide tour. During the concert, the drummer Brad yelled “Grandma, I love you!”

This is because Brad is currently in a tvN variety show called “Island Village Teacher,” where he travels to a small island in Korea to be a short-term English teacher for the young students. During his stay on the island, he stayed with an old lady, whom he affectionately called “grandma.”

However, as soon as Brad yelled, “Grandma, I love you,” Kim Hyung Tae replied, “Brad, do you know ‘Eun Gyo?'”

“Eun Gyo” is a film where an old man falls in love and has sexual fantasies about a young high school girl.

The reference to “Eun Gyo” was criticized as inappropriate and even during the concert, the audience fell silent when Kim Hyung Tae made this comment. Lead singer Jang Bum Joon tried to brush over the situation by saying, “That’s not right.”

So on October 8, Busker Busker’s agency spoke with My Daily and said, “Kim Hyung Tae’s reference to ‘Eun Gyo’ was not made with bad intentions. He is so sorry that he caused such a problem without meaning to do so.”

They continued, “Kim Hyung Tae was just joking so he is very flustered and upset that the comment became such an issue. He is only sorry. He will be more careful with his word selection from now on and work hard on his activities.”

Meanwhile, Brad topped headlines recently for his in-depth and honest interview about being on “Super Star K,” which drew in a lot of mixed reactions.

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