Odd Eye and 300+ Musicians Come Together for Zandari Festa

Indie and street musicians from 8 countries with music that range in 76 different genres will be attending Zandari Festa this week. What is Zandari? Zandari means “small bridges” which were around Hongdae streets in the past. Also from Zandari is Seo-kyo, the name of that area. The name is a symbolic representation of the locally based Town Festival. The festival will be held for three days (October 11-13) in the streets of Hongdae, the center for indie and street culture. Zandari Festa is a voluntary showcase festival. All artists not only perform at the festival but help one another to create the contents of the showcase throughout 31 venues in Hongdae. Some venues listed are Club Evans, Club FF, Evans Lounge and Veloso, which are just some of the venues that many artists perform at.

Roughly 339 artists have signed up for this event. Artists like string-pop trio Odd Eye, “Top Band” winners Toxic, Band SOUM, rapper Gamja, RIOT KIDZ, Band Evening, Chan Lee, 3RD Line Butterfly, Vidulgi OoyoO, Band Met, Story Seller, Holla Dang, YAYA, Apollo 18, and many more artists you can find here.

The Zandari Festa official website is really helpful if you want to check out each individual artist who will be at the festival. Each artist page lists the genre of music, official websites, streaming music, the location and time they will be performing, etc. It is definitely one of the most informational website I have seen. Be sure to check out the site of the festival and become a new fan of hundreds of underground musicians. If you get the chance to take a look at each artist I think you will be in for a sweet surprise like two female rock bands Swingz and Rubber Duckie teaming up as a project group Walking After U (W.A.U.).

If you are in Korea, will you be attending the festival? Which artists would you like to see?

If not, and if you want to widen your musical knowledge, you’re just in luck! You can check select performances with Ustream below!

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