VIXX Transforms into Sweet Boyfriends with OKDAL for “Girls, Why?” Teaser

Popular group VIXX and indie musicians OKDAL have released a teaser clip for their upcoming collaboration single.

On October 8, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed a short teaser clip of VIXX and OKDAL’s collaboration album, “Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island” with the title track called, “Girls, Why?”

The teaser clip shows the members of VIXX as romantic boyfriends, showing off their good looks in a cozy, red film set, which perfectly sets the mood for the nippy fall weather! The VIXX members show their sweet boyfriend side such as holding out a bouquet of flowers or giving off a cute wink.

vixx girls why hongbin

The VIXX members also commented, “Through this collaboration project with OKDAL, we will show you a more music-focused side of us that is different from the other idol groups.”

VIXX and OKDAL’s “Girls, Why?” will be released on October 11.