SISTAR’s Bora and Dasom Smile for a Selca in White

SISTAR’s Bora revealed on SISTAR’s Official Twitter a selca of herself with the maknae of the group, Dasom, and titled it “Hello Hello?”

The two girls are smiling brightly at the camera. Wearing white shirts together, the SISTAR members opted for a more pure and innocent rather than the usual sexy and diva appearance they show on stage.

Netizens’ comments on the photo include, “Hello Bora?,” “They are both so pretty,”  and “Dasom looks so pure.”

On October 12, the group SISTAR will perform their concert at the Olympic Park in Seoul, Korea.

Moreover, on October 26, the group is due to fly over to Hanoi, Vietnam to perform their title song from their latest album “Give It To Me” at the 2013 ABU TV Song Festival as representatives of Korea