IU Wedding and Pregnancy Rumor Instigator Given 200 hours of Community Service

The instigator behind singer IU‘s wedding and pregnancy rumors was finally caught and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service as punishment for spreading malicious and false rumors. 

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ office gave the official statement that IU’s entertainment agency LOEN Entertainment had decided to drop their charges on October 8 citing “no authority to prosecute or indict” individual ‘A’ on a serious crime. 

The prosecutors explained, “Person A has reached an agreement with LOEN Entertainment to perform 200 hours of community service in exchange for all charges being dropped against said individual.” 

The investigative team tracked down the user by obtaining his IP address from previous posts made to online community forums. 

Hopefully the outcome of this case will discourage and inform netizens about the repercussions of spreading baseless and malicious rumors while assuming that the internet will offer them anonymity. 

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