Goo Hara Replaces Cuteness with Elegance, Shows Off Her Lips

Goo Hara from the girl group Kara looks stunning as she shows off her beautiful lips and eyes during a photo shoot for lipstick.

The elegantly styled Goo Hara appears in the newest edition of “High Cut” fashion magazine that was released on October 7. She appears in several pictures wearing red, pink, orange and other various colors of lipstick. Her new photos show a more refined and sophisticated style as she sheds off the cutesy image from her debut. 

Goo Hara debuted in 2008 with Kara for their hit single “Rock U.” She recently recorded the song “Charm Spell” with Japanese musician Fukuyama Masaharu for the “Galileo” OST under the project name “Hara+“. 

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