D-2: Park Jin Young Talks About Upcoming Wedding

Park Jin Young revealed his thoughts about his upcoming marriage two days before the wedding.

On October 8, Park Jin young (JYP) answered questions regarding his upcoming marriage. When asked about the wedding plans during the press conference for SBSK-Pop Star 3, the singer and judge commented, “There isn’t much to prepare as it will be a small wedding with about 100 invited guests.”

Furthermore, fellow judge Yang Hyun Suk (YG) added, “Park Jin Young is getting married in two days, and I wanted to congratulate him in an official setting like this,” causing Park Jin Young to laugh with embarrassment.

Earlier on September 16, Park Jin Young described his future wife on his Me2Day account as, “A friend who is nine years younger and who is living an ordinary life,” and further revealed, “She is the friend who influenced me to write my song, “You’re the One.””

Park Jin Young and his future wife plan to hold their wedding on October 10. This will be the singer’s second marriage, after separating from his wife of 10 years in 2009.