Actor Park Seo Joon’s Interview: “I’m Close with SISTAR’s Hyorin”

Actor Park Seo Joon admits that he’s good friends with SISTAR’s Hyorin.

During an interview on October 4 in Seoul, Park Seo Joon stated, “Hyorin and I are close friends. She has an energetic personality and cool attitude. Even though she is younger than me, Hyorin has become a close friend and we are a good match together” while giving the thumbs up. He also stated, “Because Hyorin is a singer, she talks a lot about the world of singers. I don’t know too much about the music industry, but just listening to her talk about it is really fun and interesting.”

He also compared her to his current co-star Geum Bora saying, “With more experience, I believe Hyorin will eventually have the charisma of Geum Bora.”

Park Seo Joon and Hyorin began their friendship on the set of “Dream High 2” where they played a couple. Park Seo Joon is currently in a drama titled “I Summon You, Gold!” with veteran actress Geum Bora.


Seo Joon and Hyorin