Did Kang Ji Hwan Plagiarize the Play “Happiness?”

Actor Kang Ji Hwan is said to be embarrassed about the claim that he secretly plagiarized director Jung Se Hyuks play “Happiness.”

On October 8, Kang Ji Hwan’s representatives released a statement saying, “Director Jung Se Hyuk believes we plagiarized his work and we have been discussing the issue with him over the phone. We plan to meet him face to face tomorrow. We are embarrassed over the accusation and will investigate the matter thoroughly.”

According to reports, Jung Se Hyuk believes Kang Ji Hwan was at a fan meeting in Japan promoting his new play “Thank You, Honey” and that it plagiarized his own play “Happiness.” Jung Se Hyuk also said that he will take legal actions.

However, Kang Ji Hwan was surprised and embarrassed that Jung Se Hyuk would release such a statement even after their talk on the phone.

On a side note, Kang Ji Hwan stated at the fan meeting in Japan that he was fully ready for his play after rehearsing for two months