T-ara’s Eunjung to Help Arrange Acoustic Guitar Version of “I Know That Feeling”

T-ara announced recently that they will be making their comeback with their 8th mini-album, “Again.” According to reports, T-ara member Eunjung will also arrange the acoustic version of “I Know That Feeling,” which is one of their double title tracks.

On October 8, T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media made it known that Eunjung will be collaborating with composer Park Deok Sang on arranging an acoustic version of “I Know That Feeling.” 

Through her agency representatives, Eunjung shared what it was like to get a hands-on experience with T-ara’s music. “It was my first time ever getting involved with the arrangement of T-ara’s music; I had so much fun just learning about everything. I paid careful attention to every single detail and worked diligently so that the fans would enjoy listening to it. I think everyone will enjoy listening to the acoustic guitar melody, especially during the fall season. I hope fans love both title tracks, “Number Nine” and “I Know That Feeling,” she said. 

The track “I Know That Feeling” is said to feature an addicting melody and a medium tempo beat for pop lovers. 

T-ara’s 8th mini-album “Again” is due for release on October 10, along with the music videos for “Number Nine” and “I Know That Feeling.”