Kara’s Seungyeon Wants to Get to Know Joo Won Over a Cup of Tea

Kara member Seungyeon recently expressed interest in actor Joo Won, who just finished filming the drama “Good Doctor.” 

On the recording day of KBS‘s “1 versus 100,” Seungyeon was asked if she had set her sights on anyone lately since she was of an eligible age to date. She replied without hesitation, “Actor Joo Won.” She explained her selection saying, “I am fond of Joo Won ever since he started acting in ‘Good Doctor.’ No matter how busy I find myself, I stay up late into the night to catch all of his episodes. I just feel that he is such a pure and warm person; when I watch him I feel like it can be a source of healing for me too.” 

When asked to record a video message, Seungyeon bashfully said, “I wish I could meet you once. It would be nice if I could come see you somewhere. We should have tea sometime!”