“WIN” Boy Groups To Meet Their Fans For The First Time

YG Entertainment’s two new boy groups Group A and Group B, who are battling it out on MNet’s reality program “Who Is Next: WIN,” will soon be meeting their fans for the first time.

The boys will be holding a special “high five” event on October 12 at 2:00PM at Times Square shopping mall in Yeongdeung-po, Seoul. It will be a possibility for the fans to actually meet the members after only getting to see them on TV, and also to give strength to the team they are rooting for.

Detailed information will be posted on the show’s official fan cafe, but registration can be done through the fan cafe as well as on the spot.

For the fans attending the event, a number of special gifts have been prepared. Fans will be able to receive special polaroid pictures, signed message cards, and even tickets to the live finale. 

Make sure to check how the members interact with their fans by watching the show airing on October 18!