New Pictures of Shoo and Hubby on Romantic Busan Date

New pictures showing former S.E.S. singer Shoo with her husband in Busan have been released and are capturing the attention of netizens.

On October 6, Shoo posted on her blog, “Since I don’t like the cold… How’s the mood of this? With my loving husband.” “Visited Nampodong neighborhood and Chalgachi fish market. We ate delicious shaved ice at Sulbing and went shopping. Had a great time with my husband. I would love to go again” while also posting pictures of her and her husband enjoying each others company.

On the same day, she posted “A random coffee shop in Haeundae. My husband’s favorite coffee is caramel macchiato. Even though it’s mean, I always have to drink some of his coffee. I can’t act cool and not drink any~ Drinking it with my husband makes it taste even better” while also posting pictures of their romantic date.

The pictures show that Shoo’s marriage with pro basketball player Lim Hyo Sung is still going strong after four years.

Netizens who viewed the posts commented, “Seems like they went to Busan” “Did they go to see the International Busan Film festival?” “I’m happy seeing them have such a good relationship” “Seeing their pictures makes me want to get married.”

shoo and hubby