Jay Park to Kick Off Launch Party For His Independent Label “AOMG”

Singer Jay Park recently founded his own independent hip-hop label “AOMG” and plans to promote the label by throwing a launch party! 

“AOMG” stands for “Above Ordinary Music Group” and is part of Jay’s vision to create a collective of talented artists, composers and producers who strive to create music that pushes boundaries instead of simply churning out hit makers. He has recruited the likes of composer Jun Goon, who has worked on Taeyang‘s album and AOM b-boy crew member Cha Cha Malone

The launching party will take place on October 10 at the club “The A” in Seoul. Jay Park will also be collaborating with Tastemakers to kick off the party. Also, American jewelry designer, Ben Baller will also be the host at the event. Jay Park will also invite to the stage all of the artists and producers for the cake-cutting ceremony as part of the launching event.