“Secret Love” vs. “The Heirs” vs. “Medical Top Team”: Which Drama Came Out on Top in Wednesday Ratings?

Among the three new dramas that are competing for the top spot on the ratings chart for Wednesday and Thursday, KBS‘s “Secret Love” took first place in viewership ratings. MBC’s new drama “Medical Top Team” debuted at a disappointing third place.

According to Nielson Korea’s October 9 ratings, “Medical Top Team” took 7.3% of the viewers, while SBS’s new drama “The Heirs” took 11.6% of the viewership. KBS’s “Secret Love” led the rankings by taking in 12.4% of the viewership.

In the first episode of “Medical Top Team,” an intense rivalry develops between Dr. Park Tae Shin (played by Kwon Sang Woo) of Paran Hospital and Dr. Suh Joo Young (played by Jung Ryeo Won) of Kwang Hye University Hospital. It seems that the two will share a deeper story line as the drama progresses.

Even though “Medical Top Team” debuted in third place, there is still a chance it will rise to the top spot. With its great cast and intriguing story line, the drama might start gaining more attention from viewers. There is a new battle between dramas for first place in the rankings in the Wednesday-Thursday drama timeslot. Which drama do you think will become the most popular?