“Nation’s First Love” Suzy Celebrates 19th Birthday in Bunny Ears

Rising actress and miss A member Suzy celebrated her 19th birthday with a small party!

On October 10, she shared a special moment with fans on Twitter that she simply captioned in a single heart, “♡.” The link to the Instagram video she shared on Twitter reveals a radiant Suzy being sung “Happy Birthday” to, before blowing out her candles. The young star can also be seen waving her arms along to the rhythm of the song for fun. 

Netizens commented, “Suzy, I hope you have a happy birthday!”, “Suzy, you look beautiful! Happy Birthday!” and “You’re just too cute! I hope you’re birthday is amazing!” 

Be sure to wish Suzy a “Happy Birthday” on her official Twitter page

You can watch the video clip below!