Joo Won: “I Was Afraid How I Would Affect Those With Autism and Their Families”

The KBS drama “Good Doctor” recently came to an end on October 8. Joo Won, who played the autistic savant Park Shi On said, “Every day I spent with the character Park Shi On was so warming, but now that it’s over, I feel as if there’s a huge hole in my heart.”

The actor continued, “The four months spent with ‘Good Doctor,’ including preparation time, giving it our all in the hot summer weather, my excitement and anticipation for the first episode… I was always on my toes for this drama. While a lot of aspects of the drama were exciting, I was really nervous at the same time. Park Shi On wasn’t an easy character.”

He also shared his concerns about his portrayal. “I was afraid how I would affect those with autism and their families if I didn’t express or portray the character properly. However, I also received letters and messages of support from people saying that they were really encouraged and more hopeful because of Park Shi On, and because of everyone’s support, I, as well as Park Shi On, were able to successfully finish out the drama. Thank you!”

He thanked the cast and crew for all of their help and support, saying that he’ll never forget the set of “Good Doctor” that was always full of faith and laughter. “Thank you guys for all of your support, and I’ll miss you!” He thanked all of his fans and supporters of the drama, and last of all, he thanked his character, “Park Shi On! I learned so much from you, thank you!”