SHINee Wakes Up “Everybody” with New MV

Everybody wake up, because SHINee is officially back! The five boys have just released the music video for the title track to their fifth mini album, “Everybody.”

With its upbeat rhythm and synthesizer leads, “Everybody” provides the perfect setup for intense choreography, and SHINee doesn’t disappoint. With their fast-paced, energetic dance moves (put together by veteran Tony Testa, who also worked on “Sherlock” and “Dream Girl”), Taemin, Key, Jonghyun, Onew, and Minho show yet again why they’re considered some of the best dancers in the business. Futuristic backdrops complement the electro-house influences of the song, and the boys, this time seemingly reincarnated as toy robots, look as handsome as ever wearing a modern take on military uniforms. Check out the video below!

SHINee performed the song for the first time at their comeback special in Gangnam earlier this week, but their first official comeback stage will take place at “M!Countdown” on October 10. The album will be released on October 14, so get ready! Fans, what did you think of “Everybody”?