Park Jin Young Shares His Excitement for His Wedding Today

On October 10, Park Jin Young is going to have a private wedding with his fiancée, nine years younger than he. On the morning of the wedding, he shared his excitement on Twitter, saying, “I’m so restless, I can’t sleep.”

He continued, “I wish for this to be a small start towards thankfulness to my family, friends, and fans, and thankfulness to heaven. A change from arrogance to humility, from speaking to listening, and from chasing what is gone to chasing that which is forever.”

He released his plans for marriage last month on Twitter: “There is a woman in my life, nine years younger than I and living a normal life, who inspired me to write the song ‘You’re the One.’ We felt a mutual interest in each other at first sight, and after many conversations, we developed a trust and faith in each other. In the end, she accepted my marriage proposal, and we will be getting married in October.” 

On the eighth, at the press conference for SBS’s “Survival Audition K-Pop Star Season 3,” he revealed that the wedding would be a small private affair, with just about a hundred close people in attendance.

Congratulations, JYP!