MYNAME Releases Music Preview for Third Single Album

Five-member group, MYNAME (Sae Yong, In Soo, JunQ, Chae Jin, Gun Woo), is almost back to the music scene with their third single album titled, “Day by Day.” H2 Media released the preview of the new single album on their YouTube channel on October 9.

The title song, “Day by Day” was written by D.O. (Lee Hyun Do), a member of Deux, a Korean hip-hop duo that gained much popularity during the 90s. There was much buzz about the two working together even before the release of the album since D.O. is considered a legendary figure to K-Pop idol stars today. “Day by Day” is a mix of R&B and hip-hop that is soft and delicate yet rhythmic. The snippet in the preview shows off the gentle but also powerful vocals of the members. D.O. is also a featured rapper in the track.

Images of the members are shown throughout the preview looking sharp dressed in suits along with snippets of other songs on the album including, “Intro (It’s Gonna Be Alright),” “Memory,” “U-Turn,” and “Outro (Goodbye).”

MYNAME will be making a comeback on October 11.