Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won’s Old Couple Photos Receive Renewed Interest

Renewed attention has been placed on singer Baek Ji Young and her married life with actor Jung Suk Won after she appeared on the SBS talk-show program “Healing Camp,” 

In particular, a picture from August 20 of the singer posing for a comical selca with her husband has been receiving positive attention from the netizens. It was posted by Baek Ji Young herself on her Instagram, and the picture consists of the married couple devouring hamburgers with their mouths wide open. Their wedding rings blend well with the photo as well and it is clear that the couple is having lots of fun.

Another funny picture of the couple shows them jumping up high and posing for a comic shot.

Netizens’ comments include “A great couple of the showbiz,” “I’m so envious of Baek Ji Young,” “Jung Suk Won is so lucky to have a wife like Baek Ji Young,” and many others.