Shin Seung Hun To Comeback After 4 Years: “The King Of Ballads Is Back”

On October 10, singer Shin Seung Hun opened a teaser site for his new album “Great Wave,” announcing his impending comeback. Accompanying the black-and-white background picture of the singer is a banner with the words “Great Wave, Shin Seung Hun 2013.10.23.”

The picture of Shin Seung Hun has the singer showing off his swagger with classic thick horn-rimmed glasses and a modern black coat. Moreover he seems to be agonizing over something, making him come off looking more intellectual. The teaser picture alone hints of an emotional mood and has left fans with raised expectations for the new song.

Debuting in 1991 with the song “You, Reflected In A Smile”, Shin Seung Hun’s total album sales of over 15 million copies have earned him the title of “Top Consecutive Million Seller”. “Great Wave” is the third and last of a trilogy of project albums, which included 2008’s “Radio Wave” and 2009’s “Love O’Clock.” Coming back after four years, all eyes are on the singer to see if he can once again show his power as “King of Ballads.”

Shin Seung Hun will release “Great Wave” on October 23 at 12:00 PM, and will hold his solo concert on November 9 at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Shin Seung Hun Teaser