HyunA’s Looks Boyish in Her Recent Instgram

On October 10, girl group 4Minute member HyunA posted a photo and shared her updates on Instagram without any captions or hashtags.

In the revealed photo, she winks at the camera with wearing a reversed cap and making V sign. Especially, her short blond hair is drawing public’s attention.

Upon viewing the photo, comments from the netizens and fans included, “HyunA’s update, why did she become this cute?” “Her update surprised me so much,” “HyunA, what have you been doing lately.”

Check out her blond and short hair below! Although HyunA has been always known as a 4Minute’s sexy icon, now she looks like a bit boyish. Anyone else feel the same? What do you think of her new look? 

Edited for Accuracy

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