Former Girl Group Members Now Leading Ladies in Dramas

What do Hwang Jung Eum, Jung Ryeo Won, and Seo Hyun Jin have in common? It is difficult to answer right away, but they do share a similarity. It is the fact that they are former girl group members turned actresses, and they are gaining much love from viewers. 

Sugar/Hwang Jung Eum

The leading lady of KBS 2TV’s “Secret,” which currently holds the number one spot for ratings, is Hwang Jung Eum. She debuted in 2002 as a member of Sugar, which also included Park Soo Jin, now actress, and Ayumi, who continues her career in Japan. 

Hwang Jung Eum left the group after about two years to pursue her acting career. She made her official acting debut in the SBS drama “Princess LuLu” in 2005. She also starred in “The Person I Love,” “White Bird,” “The Last Scandal of My Life,” and “East of Eden” broadening her acting skills.

In 2009, she was cast in MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof,” and she also made regular appearances on “We Got Married” showing off her bubbly charm. This was the beginning of her popularity. At times, the popularity she gained from variety shows was a disadvantage to her acting.

Nonetheless, Hwang Jung Eum made consistent appearances on dramas, such as “Giant,” “Can You Hear My Heart,” “Golden Time,” and “Incarnation of Money,” appealing to the viewers in different ways through her acting. Her latest role in “Secret” is bearing fruit to her acting skills. She is well received by viewers through her portrayal of pure love and maternal instincts. 

Chakra/Jung Ryeo Won

Jung Ryeo Won debuted in 2002 with KBS 2TV’s “Saxophone and Chapssaltteok,” but began gaining popularity in MBC’s “Hello Franceska.”

The drama that allowed her to completely transform into an actress was through her role in MBC’s “My Lovely Samsoon.” In the series, she showed off her distinct color of being easy-going and fashionable. She established a strong foothold as “actress Jung Ryeo Won” rather than “Chakra member Jung Ryeo Won.”

Since then, she starred in “Autumn Shower,” “Which Star Are you From?” “Princess Jamyung,” “History of a Salary Man,” and “The King of Dramas.” She is fulfilling the expectations the viewers have for “actress Jung Ryeo Won.”

Jung Ryeo Won is preparing for another leap in her career through the new MBC medical drama, “Medical Top Team.”

 Milk/Seo Hyun Jin

Not many people know that Seo Hyun Jin, who is showing off her gracefulness in “The King’s Daughter,” is a former girl group member. She debuted as a member of Milk in 2001 and transitioned into an actress in KBS TV2’s “Hwang Jin Yi” in 2006.

She began rising to fame with her role as “Dal Yi” in MBC’s “The Duo,” and was also cast in “Feast of the Gods,” and “Here Goes Mr. Oh.” She continues her acting career with her role in “Goddess of Fire.”

Her skills to be graceful and sexy along with other various charms give her a forte as an actress. She is currently starring in MBC’s “The King’s Daughter” as “Soo Baek Hyuang,” one of the main roles of the drama.

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