Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Will Play a Maid During the Japanese Occupation

Wonder GirlsYe Eun will be making her TV drama debut with tvN‘s Basketball.”

“Basketball” tells the story of the love and conflicts of youth during, as well as after, Japanese occupation in Korea, With basketball as their guiding light, the youth fight their way through the tumultuous times. This will be the first work of Director Kwak Jeong Hwan (“Chuno,” “Fugitive: Plan B”) following his transfer to CJ E&M.

Park Ye Eun will be playing the role of Bong Soon, a maid with a dialect, with wit, and a warm heart, who stays by the side of the main character, Choi Shin Young (played by Lee Elliya). Despite this being her first drama, Park Ye Eun was complimented by the director for her exceptional understanding of the character.

On choosing the role of Bong Soon, Park Ye Eun said that, “Because ‘Basketball’ portrays the lives of the upper class in the 1930s and 40s, I was tempted by the roles that get to wear the beautiful costumes. However, as a character who represents the common people during the Japanese occupation in Korea, Bong Soon was the most appealing to me.”

“Basketball” is a story drawn with the motif of the 1948 Korean National Basketball Team, which achieved the feat of placing in the top eight in the Olympics. This was the first and last time Korea ever participated in the Olympics under the one name of ‘Korea’ before the division of the Korean Peninsula. The main characters are portrayed by Do Ji Han and Lee Elliya, and the first episode will air at 10pm (KST) on October 21.

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