Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi's Fashion Analysis

The same agency, the same dented dimples, the same gentle looks… Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi, the perfect “mother’s friend’s son” brothers are getting attention in show biz on a every day basis. Recently, Lee Seo Jin has solidified his position as “baggage boy” on variety show “Grandpa Over Flowers,” and is receiving much love. Lee Seung Gi, on the other hand, has confirmed to be the next “baggage boy” in Na PD’s second backpacking reality show. Now let’s compare Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi’s styles through their various fashion. 

Lee Seung gi and Lee Seo Jin 1

◇ Full of “Mother’s Friend’s Son” feeling – “Suit Fashion”

Lee Seung gi and Lee Seo Jin 2

A suit would be the standard symbol of men’s fashion. Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi both wore suits in different, unique ways and showed their own masculine beauty. Lee Seo Jin puts a luxury looking velvet suit, which reminds us of a young nobleman. Also, he showed his cute charm by adding a bow tie. Lee Seung Gi matched his navy shirt with same tone pants to complete a neat and tidy image. It especially boosted the polished beauty in the way his nice gold black wristwatch and his clothes harmonize well together.

◇ Sense of Styling – “Airport Fashion”

**Lee Seung gi and Lee Seo Jin airport

The airport is definitely the place where fans could look at stars in casual clothes off the stage. Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi dress pretty well and appeared at the airport in passable, but original ways. Lee Seo Jin simply matched a white shirt to his khaki pants, but also used several fashion items such as glasses, a wristwatch, and a shoulder bag, which prevented him from looking too simple. Lee Seung Gi wore a blue shirt and brought in a refreshing atmosphere. He especially garnered much attention for his striped shirt, which makes his broad shoulder look much nicer.

◇ Sweet “Autum Man” – “2013 F/W Pictorial”

Lee Seung gi and Lee Seo Jin 4

Recently, Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi changed into “autumn guys” in 2013 F/W pictorial. Lee Seo Jin wore an unique outwear made of several dark color pieces. In the pictorial, it looks like as if he is about to go on a solitary trip. Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi dressed up in casual daily clothes. He feels trendy in a balance between nude color and check patterned shirt which is the trend for this year’s autumn.

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